Everything you need to succeed as a hairstylist.

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Hairstylist recommendation

All your business needs in one app.

Get more exposure, manage your bookings, and receive payments.

How Hospii works.

Focus on what you do best and let Hospii take care of the rest.

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Clients find you through your profile through your photo portfolio and reviews.

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Allow clients to book and reschedule appointments through the app.

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Clients make direct and contactless payments to you.

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What people are saying.

"I’ve been waiting for an app like this! This makes searching my hairstylists so much easier. I LOVE how you can search for different hairstylists and hairstyles."

Emili Sonja

"It’s comforting to know that all the reviews are coming from people who actually booked the hairstylists."

Hailee Reed

"I love the fact that I can see hairstylists recommendation from friends without having to reach out to them first. It makes it so much easier."